New Emigrate album this summer ?
Recently Emigrate posted on their official Facebook page :

hello friends,

after almost a year of hard work, i arrived in the sunny world of california with 20 tracks of new emigrate material.
i decided to escape the gray skies of berlin to put some sunlight in my soul.
so here i am in hollywood mixing the next emigrate record with ben grosse.
i must say that i am quite excited about the results.
for me it was important to reach a new level of songwriting, singing and production, and i can honestly say, we made it.
so i am gonna stay here in los angeles for another 6 weeks to mix the album, then i think we can lock in a summer release.
so stay with me and i'll keep you updated.
best wishes, richard

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3 VLAD  
Я не такой уж фанат группы,но очень бы хотелось побывать на их концерте. smile

2 Miss_Lindemann  
Они уже который год летом обещают...

1 Scorpion25  
Круто ,ждем

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