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Forum » RAMMSTEIN SIDE PROJECTS » Lindemann (Official & Interview) » [TEXT] 2015 06 16 - Interview Till, Peter, Metro Belgium
[TEXT] 2015 06 16 - Interview Till, Peter, Metro Belgium
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Metro Belgium: Lindemann – “I am a very funny guy”

After a long tour, Rammstein decided to take a break. This has enabled its singer, Till Lindemann, to tackle a project close to his heart: an album with Peter Tägtgren, his friend, a member of death metal bands Hypocrisy and Pain. The result is worth seeing.

How this desire to work together did emerged? I heard you met each others during very festive parties.

Till Lindemann : « We spent a lot of time in Sweden to record and mix Rammstein’s album Mutter. We spent a lot of time, weeks and months, in Stockholm where the clubs and musical scenes are pretty scarce. We saw each other a few times and became close. One day Peter asked me to join his band Pain in order to record a ‘featuring’ for some chorus lines. We wanted to work with each other but we needed to find time. We had to postpone it every year. But finally thanks to this break with Rammstein we have been able to do it. »

Did you know what you precisely wanted to do before you started recording this album?

Till : « No, we just wanted to do something together. I have been on tour with Rammstein for nearly four years, until 2013. Then I gave Peter a call and asked him what he wanted to do. He sent me a piece of music, I put lyrics on it and it gave birth to the first song ‘Ladyboy’. We kept on working, and here we are today. It went with the flow. »

Peter belongs to the death metal scene and you are more into the industrial scene.

Till : ‘ « I am more into Gothic, he is more into the metal spirit. He always wants to do more stuff with the guitar. I had to stop him and tell him: ‘let the piano and the violins play a bit, let the melody go on’, and he answered me: ‘No, I want to play the guitar.’ We had to take some time to learn to know each other, it is a good mix. That CD is a metal album but it contains dark and pop influences at the same time. »

This is not a solo album, it’s a duet one. Why did you only put your name upfront?

Till : « We could not come up with a name. Then one day a guy told us that Lindemann would be a great idea. I did not wanted to be the one upfront because it was not a solo project. But we could not come up with a solution, and it was an emergency because the record label was putting pressure on us, so we kept Lindemann, even though it’s a band’s album. »

Your lyrics are often full of humor and sarcasms.

Till : « That’s because I’m a very funny guy. (laughs) »

Peter Tägtgren : « Yes, he can be funny once in a while… (laughs) »

Till : « I like teasing people all the time. I really make some bad jokes. On April 1st I was in my country house with my huge dog, and I called my girlfriend to tell her that an enormous eagle attacked him. And she started crying over the phone (laughs). I let her stew with that message for an hour. »

Peter : « (laughs) You’re such a cruel guy. »

Till : « Actually it really happened. A huge eagle with a wingspan from 3 meters showed up, I had to be very careful because it would have been easy for him to take away the dog. But in that place seagulls often attack little dogs such as Chihuahuas. (laughs)»

« Ladyboy » is about being gay, a life without complications. Do you envy that lifestyle?

Till : « It is just imagination. Kind of like a surf and turf, a dish including meat and fish. There is no choice to make. ‘Ladyboy’ is a happy man (laughs). But it is a song about oneself, and it’s a funny one. We do not wish to stigmatize anyone. You got breasts, a hole, a dick; it tastes a bit like heaven.(laughs) »

Peter : « For those who like that there’s nothing wrong with that (laughs). »

Some other songs are of the same kind such as « Golden Shower ».

Till : « Everybody talk to me about that song while there are also songs like ‘Yukon’. »

Peter : « It’s your fault (laughs). »

Till : «People always talk about the sex and the violence, while there are so many beautiful songs. Nobody speaks to me about ‘Children of the sun’. »

I feel like there are two themes in this album: sex and death.

Till : « It could be, but I can’t really explain that. I sit and write; that’s it. Things come on their own. That’s how it comes out of my brain. »

It’s one of the most anticipated albums of the year from the metal scene.

Peter : « We do not feel any pressure because the album is done and it’s going to live his own life. It’s really nice that there are so many people who show interest about it. It was not released previously on the internet so it’s hard to know how people are going to react. But we felt there was an expectation. »

Till : « I saw journalists laughing in front of me while they were listening to it. It’s a good sign (laughs). But I saw a ‘oh my god!’ in some other journalists laughing. (laughs). »

Peter : « We were promoting in a hotel in England, and a female journalist was listening to the album on an iPad. She was so shocked that she was not able to ask us a single question. (laughs) »

Will there be a lot of fire onstage?

Peter : « Along with lots of golden shower (laughs). To the public… »

Till : « There won’t be any fire at all, we want to stay away from Rammstein’s aesthetic. These are two very different things. »

It’s kind of a long break with Rammstein?

Till : « It’s not. We are going to meet each other in September to talk about pre-production. We are going to work together again.»

Original Source

By Pierre Jacobs for Metro Belgium (metro.be)
Based on translation by: Garance Colin
Editing: SonneN

Forum » RAMMSTEIN SIDE PROJECTS » Lindemann (Official & Interview) » [TEXT] 2015 06 16 - Interview Till, Peter, Metro Belgium
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